Collection: Dos Boots Mezcal

Dos Boots Mezcal - Dos Boots is a premium mezcal brand that draws its origin and inspiration from the beautiful landscapes and vibrant cultures of Oaxaca, Mexico and California, USA. Founded by Carlos Gomez, Jim Shubin, and Joe McElroy, three surf industry veterans and mezcal enthusiasts, Dos Boots is the physical manifestation of their passion for surf, mezcal, and their desire to bridge cultures.


Dos Boots’ journey began in Oaxaca, where Carlos Gomez first discovered his love for the unique spirit and culture of mezcal. The brand's name symbolizes the fusion of two cultures - one boot represents the rich and vibrant Mexican culture, while the other boot represents the equally dynamic American culture.

The brand takes pride in its Espadín Artisanal Mezcal, made from agaves grown deep in the Oaxacan Sierra. The unique terroir of the region, combined with traditional methods of preparation, overseen by their third-generation Maestro Mezcalero, Petronilo Altamirano, gives Dos Boots mezcal its distinct flavor. The piñas of the agaves are hand-selected, cooked in a conical underground pit oven, milled with a tahona stone wheel, fermented in wooden vats, and double-distilled in copper alembic stills. The final product is a bold, smooth mezcal with herbal, earthy notes and a slight sweet aftertaste.

"Show Us Your Boots" is the catchy slogan of Dos Boots. It encapsulates the brand's ethos of community and shared experiences. It invites the Dos Boots family - a term affectionately used for customers and supporters - to share their moments of enjoyment, be it at a favorite establishment, at home, or during their travels. By sharing photos and videos of their Dos Boots cocktails, the Dos Boots family keeps the spirit of the brand alive and kicking.

Dos Boots is not just a mezcal brand; it's a shared adventure that celebrates the fusion of two cultures through the universal language of a well-crafted spirit.