Collection: Tobaziche

Introducing the Tobaziche Collection, an extraordinary assortment of artisanal mezcals that celebrate the distinctive and enchanting agave Karwinskii, commonly referred to as Tobaziche. Sourced from the diverse terrains of Oaxaca and other neighboring regions in Mexico, this collection highlights the unique flavor characteristics of the Tobaziche agave and the time-honored traditions of mezcal production.

The Tobaziche Collection features:

  1. Tobaziche Joven: A pure and unaged mezcal that captures the essence of the Tobaziche agave, presenting a complex and intriguing flavor profile with notes of green apple, fresh herbs, and a subtle smokiness. Ideal for sipping neat or adding depth and complexity to mezcal-based cocktails.

  2. Tobaziche Madurado: An elegant mezcal that has been allowed to rest in stainless steel or glass containers for several months, resulting in a more mellow and rounded character. The maturation process accentuates the Tobaziche agave's distinctive flavors while adding a touch of smoothness and sophistication.

  3. Tobaziche Reposado: Masterfully aged in oak barrels for up to a year, this mezcal exhibits a rich amber hue and a deep, warm flavor profile. The oak imparts notes of caramel, vanilla, and baking spices, perfectly complementing the earthy and fruity qualities of the Tobaziche agave.

  4. Tobaziche Ensamble: A skillful blend of mezcals distilled from Tobaziche and other agave varieties, this ensemble creates a symphony of flavors, with each agave's unique characteristics intermingling and amplifying one another for a multi-layered and memorable experience.

  5. Tobaziche Espadín Blend: A captivating fusion of the Tobaziche and Espadín agaves, this mezcal offers a fascinating interplay of flavors. The Tobaziche's herbal and fruity notes are beautifully balanced by the Espadín's earthiness and smoky undertones, culminating in a truly exceptional spirit.

The Tobaziche Collection invites you to explore the enchanting world of the Tobaziche agave and discover the captivating aromas, flavors, and stories that define this remarkable plant. Experience the dedication and artistry of the master mezcaleros who have committed their lives to honoring and preserving the traditions of mezcal making. Salud!