Collection: Pechuga

Introducing the Pechuga Collection, a truly unique and fascinating assortment of artisanal mezcals that pay tribute to the time-honored and festive Pechuga distillation method. Traditionally produced for special occasions, such as weddings and celebrations, Pechuga mezcals are renowned for their rich, complex flavor profile and the exceptional craftsmanship behind their creation.

The Pechuga Collection features:

  1. Pechuga de Pollo: A traditional Pechuga mezcal distilled with a raw chicken breast suspended in the still during the third distillation. This imparts a subtle, savory depth to the spirit, while the addition of fruits and spices such as apples, bananas, and cinnamon adds layers of flavor complexity.

  2. Pechuga de Pavo: A variation of Pechuga mezcal distilled using a raw turkey breast, lending a slightly different savory nuance to the spirit. The combination of fruits and spices, like guava, pineapple, and cloves, creates an aromatic and flavorful experience.

  3. Pechuga de Conejo: A rare and intriguing Pechuga mezcal distilled with a raw rabbit suspended in the still, which contributes a delicate, gamey essence to the spirit. The blend of seasonal fruits and spices introduces a harmonious balance of flavors and aromas.

  4. Pechuga Vegetariana: A contemporary twist on the classic Pechuga mezcal, this vegetarian version omits the use of meat, instead focusing on the richness of fruits and spices to create a lush, aromatic, and flavorful spirit that can be enjoyed by all.

  5. Pechuga Ensamble: A masterful blend of Pechuga mezcals crafted from different agave varieties and diverse combinations of fruits and spices, this ensemble offers a symphony of flavors, with each element harmonizing and amplifying one another for a multi-layered and unforgettable experience.

The Pechuga Collection invites you to delve into the captivating world of Pechuga mezcals and uncover the enchanting aromas, flavors, and stories that define these exceptional spirits. Experience the passion and skill of the master mezcaleros who have dedicated their lives to honoring and preserving the ancient art of mezcal making. Raise a glass to tradition, celebration, and the rich cultural heritage that shapes these remarkable mezcals. Salud!