Our Story

Nirmal Singh Malhi and his son Davinder Singh Malhi immigrated to the US in the mid-80s for a better life. They worked two shifts daily to save money to buy a business of their own. During the day, they worked in fields in Livingston, CA, and at night they worked at multiple dairies in Hilmar, CA.

Nirmal Singh Malhi and Ernesto Sanchez

Nirmal Singh Malhi and Ernesto Sanchez

They saved enough money to buy the first Liquor store in 1993 in Modesto, CA. From the late 90s to 2000, Davinder transitioned his traditional liquor store into a Tequila-focused store.

Sharp Liquor - Modesto, CA

The third generation has moved their original store to San Francisco, and thus, SF Tequila Shop has found a new home in Bernal Heights.

The Next Generation - SF Tequila Shop

SF Tequila Shop: Gateway to Mexico's Liquid Gold

Nestled in the heart of San Francisco, SF Tequila Shop is more than just a store – it's an odyssey into the ancient traditions and vibrant flavors of Mexico's most iconic spirits. Handpicked selections of tequila and mezcal grace our shelves, each bottle echoing tales of agave fields, master distillers, and time-honored techniques.

At SF Tequila Shop, we're driven by passion and knowledge. Our expertly curated collection showcases both household names and hidden gems, ensuring aficionados and newcomers alike find their perfect pour. Step inside and let your senses be transported to the mezcaleriás and tequilerías of Mexico, all from the comfort of San Francisco.

Discover, taste, and celebrate – at SF Tequila Shop, every drop is a journey.

In loving memory,

Nirmal Singh Malhi, Gurdial Singh Dhillon & Shubhdeep Singh Sidhu