Collection: 450 North Brewing

Unleash the Craft Beer Experience with 450 North Brewing

A Taste of Indiana's Finest Craft Beer

Discover the rich and authentic flavors of 450 North Brewing Company, nestled in the heart of Columbus, Indiana. Each sip of our craft beer takes you on a journey through the lush fields of the Simmons family farm, where passion for brewing meets the art of agriculture. Our selection, from hoppy IPAs to smooth stouts, is crafted to perfection, ensuring a taste that resonates with casual beer lovers and connoisseurs alike.

Brewed with Tradition and Innovation

At 450 North Brewing Company, tradition blends with innovation. Under the guidance of David and Brenda Simmons, we combine age-old brewing techniques with modern twists. This fusion results in a unique lineup of beers that are as diverse as they are delicious. Our commitment to quality and creativity means every batch from our brewery is a testament to our dedication to the craft.

From Our Farm to Your Glass

Experience the essence of true farm-to-glass brewing. Our brewery on the family-owned Simmons farm benefits from the freshest ingredients and a close-knit community spirit. This connection to the land and our community is infused in every beer we produce, offering a satisfying taste steeped in Indiana's heritage and heart.