Tequila Origen Sagrado

Origen Sagrado Tequila

Origen Sagrado is an exceptional tequila that represents a sacred devotion to Mexico's rich cultural heritage and centuries-old traditions. Crafted under the watchful eye of Salvador Rosales Trejo, a third-generation master distiller affectionately known as Chava, this tequila is the embodiment of his lifelong passion for creating the finest and most authentic spirits.

A special and traditionally produced tequila from a distillery that values patience and tradition. A complete taste experience.

Produced under the NOM 1123, which is also responsible for Tequila Cascahuin, Origen Sagrado is a premium quality tequila that strikes a perfect balance between traditional and innovative methods. Using traditional techniques, Chava grows and harvests the agave plants, cooking the piñas in brick ovens and crushing them with a traditional tahona. This process is a true labor of love, passed down through generations of his family, and it imbues the tequila with an unparalleled flavor and depth that cannot be replicated.

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