Collection: Wahaka Mezcal

Wahaka Mezcal is an artisanal small batch mezcal produced by the 5th generation Alberto Morales - Mezcal artesanal elaborado en San Dionisio, Ocotepec, Oaxaca!

Authentic Mezcal

The art of mezcal reaches back through the centuries to the first Spanish in Mexico. We follow our ancestors' traditions rigorously and keep Wahaka rooted in the ancient. There are certainly easier ways, and there are compromises that might go unnoticed. Instead, we insist our mezcal be handmade as our ancestors intended–cooked in earthen pits, crushed under a millstone, and fermented in open-air vats. Regarding authentic mezcal, we believe the old world is still the best.


Walk around our palenque, and you'll notice something peculiar. There's no machinery, no industrial equipment, and no hint of mass production. Instead, it's simple tools: an axe, a pitchfork, a clay still heated by a wood-fired oven. Not everyone will understand why we stick to the old ways, but this simplicity wins us the devotion of those who love artisanal mezcal.