Collection: NOM 1610

NOM 1610 represents the official certification granted to Casa Tequilera Dinastía Arandina S.A. de C.V. (Casa Camarena), a renowned distillery in Arandas, Jalisco. As a holder of this prestigious NOM number, Casa Camarena is authorized to produce a variety of exceptional tequila brands, each reflecting the brand's commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

Among the notable tequila brands produced by Casa Camarena are:

  1. Azteca Azul: Azteca Azul represents the essence of Casa Camarena's dedication to tequila production. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Azteca Azul offers an authentic and enjoyable tequila experience.

  2. Casco Viejo: Casco Viejo embodies the rich heritage of Casa Camarena's tequila-making traditions. This brand captures the essence of time-honored techniques and showcases the exceptional flavors derived from premium agave.

  3. Gran Maracame: Gran Maracame pays homage to the ancient traditions and spiritual heritage surrounding tequila production. This brand embraces the mystique and allure of tequila's cultural significance, offering a refined and captivating drinking experience.

  4. La Cava de Don Agustin: La Cava de Don Agustin celebrates the legacy of Don Agustin Camarena, a revered figure in the world of tequila. This brand showcases the Camarena family's commitment to crafting exceptional tequila with unparalleled quality and flavor.

  5. Mucha Liga: Mucha Liga captures Mexican culture's vibrant and lively spirit. This brand combines the rich traditions of tequila production and the contemporary energy of modern-day Mexico, resulting in a distinctive and engaging tequila.

  6. Socorro: Socorro represents a testament to Casa Camarena's commitment to producing tequila of the highest caliber. With meticulous craftsmanship and a focus on quality, Socorro delivers a tequila experience that is both refined and satisfying.

  7. Jenni Rivera - La Gran Señora: The collaboration between Casa Camarena and the Jenni Rivera brand has resulted in La Gran Señora tequila. This brand pays tribute to the iconic singer, embracing the spirit of strength, passion, and authenticity that Jenni Rivera embodied.

Casa Camarena exemplifies each brand's commitment to producing exceptional quality and flavor tequilas. From traditional techniques to innovative expressions, Casa Camarena's diverse portfolio showcases the artistry and passion that define the world of tequila.