Collection: Mezcal Amarás

Mezcal Amarás is a brand that values the heritage and tradition of mezcal production while embracing innovation. They focus on crafting small, unique batches of mezcal that celebrate the solar cycle and the distinctive characteristics of each agave plant.

To preserve the biodiversity of wild agaves in the mezcal-producing regions, Mezcal Amarás Logia has implemented a reforestation program. This program is a testament to their commitment to sustainability and protecting the agave as a sacred plant.

Logia represents the rare and the unattainable, capturing the mystique and enigma of their products. Mezcal Amarás Logia offers limited editions and collectibles that are carefully selected to provide a soulful experience with every sip.

Mezcal Amarás Logia is dedicated to honoring Mexico's rich culture and history by crafting their mezcal with passion and respect for the land and its people. Their brand is a testament to the significance of mezcal production and the importance of preserving centuries of tradition.