Collection: Lamata Agave Spirits

Lamata, formerly known as Amormata, is a brand of agave spirits from Northern Mexico. It is the for-export label of Nacion de Las Verdes Matas, a small unregistered brand founded by Luis Loya. The brand's goal is to promote mezcal from places that are under-represented in the market. Luis has developed relationships with mezcal producers in various states, including Durango, Nuevo Leon, Sonora, Chihuahua, San Luis Potosi, and Tamaulipas.

The typical lot sizes of Lamata releases range from 40 to 200 liters, and the brand will bottle a total of only three to five thousand liters per year. This means that the producers will continue to make roughly the same amount of spirits they have historically.

Lamata is dedicated to promoting the "gusto historico," the terroir, the liquid culture, and the history that is mezcal to people beyond the borders of the places where it is made. By sharing the unique flavors and traditions of Northern Mexico, Lamata hopes to expand the appreciation and knowledge of mezcal among consumers.