Collection: La Jicarita Mezcal

La Jicarita Mezcal - La Jicarita Mezcal is a product of Frijolotes LLC, a spirit import and worldwide distributing company that specializes in handcrafted small-batch mezcal produced with traditional methods that have been passed down for generations. The company has worked hard to overcome regulatory and logistical hurdles to assemble a supply chain that goes straight to the heart of Mexico, ensuring that every bottle of La Jicarita Mezcal is made with the highest quality ingredients and traditional techniques.

The company was founded by Young Jung and Fred Baptista, who met in the art department at San Francisco State University in 1997. Their passion for mezcal began in 2006, when they embarked on a 30-day road trip through Mexico with a group of college friends. Eleven years later, after a night of mezcal drinking, the idea for the company was born. Their mission was to bring back a little piece of the awesomeness of Mexico and share it with everyone.

La Jicarita Mezcal is the result of the founders' dedication to preserving traditional methods and bringing the authentic taste of Mexico to the world. With a focus on small-batch production and attention to detail, every bottle of La Jicarita Mezcal is a tribute to the rich history and culture of Mexico.


Celso Martinez Lopez is a fourth-generation mezcalero with a family heritage of over a hundred years in mezcal production. His ancestors cooked maguey in oven pits, fermented in rock wells, and distilled in clay pots. Today, his ancestral lands sit on the ridge of "Nueve Puntas," overlooking his palenque and the town of Santiago Matatlan, the capital of mezcal.

Growing up in a Mezcalero family, Celso started learning the craft at a young age. With the passion passed down from his father and grandfather, he was producing mezcal by the time he was a teenager. His experience and dedication to his craft are reflected in every batch of mezcal distilled at his palenque, making it a source of pride and legacy for him and his family.