Collection: El Mero Mero Mezcal

El Mero Mero is a premium mezcal brand that prides itself on being "The Mezcalero's Mezcal." Since its inception in 2011, the brand has been dedicated to producing the highest quality mezcal that embodies Mexico's rich cultural heritage and traditions. Mezcalero Justino Garcia Cruz, a true expert in mezcal-making, oversees all production.

El Mero Mero strongly emphasizes sustainability and is committed to developing more sustainable production practices. The brand's mezcaleros are cultivating agave Tobala and Tepextate, two varieties of agave traditionally grown in the wild, to promote sustainable and responsible production practices.

El Mero Mero's commitment to quality and sustainability is reflected in every aspect of the brand. From the carefully selected agave to the expertly crafted distillation process, every bottle of El Mero Mero mezcal is a testament to the brand's dedication to excellence. The brand's bottle label is also designed by Carlos Zerpa, one of the most important Latin American contemporary artists, adding an element of artistry and culture to the brand's identity.

El Mero Mero is a brand deeply rooted in tradition yet committed to innovation and sustainability. With its exceptional quality and commitment to responsible production practices, El Mero Mero is a brand that mezcal enthusiasts can trust and enjoy.