Collection: Corrido Tequila

Corrido Tequila - Tequila Corrido is a brand of tequila that draws its inspiration from the traditional corridos of Prohibition-era border regions. The brand's founder, Brad Hoover, was inspired by the ballads of smugglers who risked everything to sell tequila in these regions and sought to create an all-natural, handcrafted tequila that honored these traditions.

Tequila Corrido is committed to using only the highest quality, all-natural ingredients in their tequila, with no additives. Their refined, double-distilled approach and precise barrel-aging process ensure that each batch is meticulously crafted and consistent in quality.

The brand's dedication to honoring the spirits of the past is reflected in their weaving of the traditional corridos into each expression of Tequila Corrido. In addition, with every harvest, they pay homage to the tequila-making traditions and the stories behind its evolution, making Tequila Corrido a brand that celebrates Mexico's rich history and culture.

NOM 1412