Collection: Burning Barrel Brewing

Innovative Brews: The Burning Barrel Experience

Explore the world of Burning Barrel Brewing, a haven for beer enthusiasts who crave innovation and flavor. This brewery has become a landmark in the craft beer scene, with two locations in Rancho Cordova and Placerville, California. Known for their adventurous approach, they specialize in sour beers and IPAs, each brew telling a story of creativity and passion. Experience their "Double Jammer" series, a journey through unique fruit combinations like Bananas Foster and Island Getaway, and discover why Burning Barrel stands out in craft beer.

A Palette of Flavors: From IPAs to Stouts

Burning Barrel Brewing's range of beers is a testament to their versatility and mastery in brewing. Indulge in their array of IPAs, from the hazy and juicy to the classic West Coast style, each offering a unique taste profile. Don't miss their Barrel Bier, a smooth German Festbier Lager, and the Side Pull Pillows, a robust barrel-aged stout with a notable 14.9% ABV. This brewery's portfolio is a playground for those who appreciate the depth and variety of their beer.

Seasonally Inspired: A Year-Round Journey

The excitement at Burning Barrel Brewing never fades, thanks to their seasonal beer releases. This brewery introduces new and innovative beers throughout the year, keeping the experience fresh and exciting. Stay updated with their website or social media to catch the latest offerings and be part of the ever-evolving journey of Burning Barrel Brewing. Their commitment to seasonal variety ensures that every visit, whether in person or online, offers something new and delightful.