Collection: Bruxo Mezcal

Embrace the Mystique of Bruxo Mezcal

The Artisanal Heart: Bruxo's Traditional Craft

  • Dive into the enchanting world of Bruxo Mezcal, where tradition meets artistry. Each Bruxo bottle encapsulates Mexico's soul, crafted with age-old techniques passed down through generations. The agave heart, the core of Bruxo's magic, is cooked in an earthen pit, crushed by a tahona, and allowed to ferment naturally. This meticulous process ensures a mezcal rich in heritage and authentic flavors.

Sensory Journey: The Unique Bruxo Variants

  • Bruxo offers a spectrum of mezcal experiences, each with its distinct character:
    • Bruxo X: A harmonious blend of 80% maguey Espadin and 20% maguey Barril, it presents a delicate balance of citrus and floral notes intertwined with hints of peanuts and jicama.
    • Bruxo No. 1 Espadin: Revel in a smoky symphony that accentuates fruit and floral aromas, complemented by a rich texture.
    • Bruxo No. 2 Espadin Barril: Experience the fusion of Espadin and Barril agave, enriched with a roasted maguey heart, for an intensified agave flavor.
    • Bruxo No. 3 Barril Agave Oaxaca Mexico: Crafted in the traditional palenques of Oaxaca, this variant embodies the spirit of artisanal mezcal, offering an authentic taste of Mexico.

A Toast to Conviviality: Why Choose Bruxo Mezcal  

  • Bruxo Mezcal isn't just a spirit; it's a celebration of camaraderie, a tribute to the wizards of Mexico. It's the perfect companion for those cherished moments, whether you're a mezcal aficionado or a curious explorer of fine spirits. The distinct flavors of Bruxo's variants cater to diverse palates, making it an ideal choice for gatherings, gifts, or a personal indulgence in sophisticated flavors.