Collection: NOM 1604

NOM 1604 - Destiladora Bonanza, S.A. De C.V. - Destiladora Bonanza was founded in 2017 by the López family to create premium private Tequila brands with the same quality and prestige that distinguishes them as one of the few tequila families in the industry.

Juan Pablo and Jesus López currently manage the company. The two brothers continue with their family's heritage, injecting innovation into the company to produce the best tequilas but also considering the traditional art of tequila crafting. These necessary crafting details are overseen by Master Tequilier and the youngest of the brothers, Rodrigo López, who has come a long way in refining and perfecting his palate to bring you some of the unique tequila profiles in the industry.

Destiladora Bonanza is located in a small town called Ojo de Agua de Latillas, in the Highlands of Jalisco, known to be one of the best regions in Mexico to produce tequila. As a socially responsible company, Destiladora Bonanza is a main work and income source for many families, obtaining our agaves from producers of the region and employing local talent to create a product that is a worthy representative of so many years of tradition and expertise.