Collection: NOM 1502

NOM 1502 - Autentica Tequilera, S.A. de C.V.

Autentica Tequilera, S.A. de C.V., situated in Tequila, Jalisco, represents the epitome of tequila production in the region. Nestled within the Los Valles area of Jalisco, this esteemed distillery embodies the rich traditions and heritage of crafting exceptional tequila.

Home to Tequila Partida

As a private label producer, Autentica Tequilera is open to collaborative partnerships, offering the opportunity to create unique and personalized tequila expressions. Their dedication to quality is reflected in their state-of-the-art distillery equipment, which includes stone/brick ovens, autoclaves for cooking, a roller mill for extraction, stainless steel tanks for fermentation, and various stills, including copper pots and stainless steel pots. When it comes to aging, Autentica Tequilera employs a selection of premium barrels, such as French Oak, American White Oak, whisky barrels, used barrels, and sherry casks, to enhance and develop the distinct flavors of their tequila.

The pristine water used in Autentica Tequilera's production is sourced from deep wells, drawing from the pure underground reserves of the region. This new water source shapes their tequila's unique character and exceptional quality.

Autentica Tequilera also offers exclusive tours of their distillery, providing a captivating experience for visitors by appointment. Immerse yourself in tequila production's craftsmanship, tradition, and legacy as you gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the meticulous process.

Autentica Tequilera, S.A. de C.V. invites you to embrace the spirit of their tequila, where the fusion of tradition, expertise, and the flavors derived from Jalisco's tequila heritage converge to create remarkable tequila expressions.