Collection: NOM 1123

NOM 1123 - Tequila Cascahuin, S.A.

The Cascahuin Distillery in El Arenal. Jalisco. Jalisco is named "The Gate of the Agave landscape" and belongs to Zona Valles, the official origin designation.

Cascahuin, which translates to "mountain of light," borrows its name from a mountain nearby.

The Rosales family's distilling tradition spans four generations. The family-run distillery of Cascahuin dates back to 1904 and is under the watchful eye of Master Distiller Don Salvador Rosales Torres. Along with his sons Salvador ("Chava") and Benjamin, the Rosales family creates some of the finest tequila on earth.

For over 100 years, the Rosales family has dedicated themselves to a single pursuit: a steadfast focus on the sustainable production of the highest possible quality.