Collection: Mezcal Rambhà

Mezcal Rambhà - Crafted with Passion and Perseverance

A Journey of Determination:

Overcoming Barriers in the Mezcal World

In a world dominated by traditional mezcal families, Rosario Ángeles Vásquez's journey to create Mezcal Rambhà was extraordinary. Delve into her inspiring story of determination, overcoming obstacles, and breaking barriers, demonstrating Rosario's passion for mezcal and unyielding spirit are the foundation of this exceptional distillery.

The Essence of Mezcal Rambhà

Crafting Exceptional Tepeztate Mezcal

At Mezcal Rambhà, every drop of tepeztate mezcal is a labor of love and dedication. Explore the intricate process behind the creation of this exceptional mezcal, from the carefully selected agaves to the meticulous distillation. Discover how commitment to quality and tradition results in a mezcal that stands out.

Savor the Spirit of Mezcal Rambhà

A Unique Experience in Every Sip

Why choose Mezcal Rambhà? Explore the sensory journey awaiting those who choose to savor this mezcal. From the smoky aroma that wafts from the glass to the smooth, 48.5-proof blend of espadín and tobasiche agaves, each sip is a revelation. Learn why those who visit the distillery fall in love with the mezcal and the place itself.