Collection: Tomas Mezcal

Tomas Mezcal - Tomas Artesanal is a proud producer of hand-crafted, small-batch agave spirits that are renowned for their unique and innovative flavor profiles. They approach every expression with a focus on authenticity and quality, and a deep commitment to honoring the spirit of both the mezcal and the Spirit of Mexico.

Nestled in the isolated Oaxaca valley, the birthplace of Tomas Artesanal, Santa Ana del Rio, is a small village rich in the tradition of artisanal mezcaleros. This area is known for its distinctive terroir, a perfect combination of geography, geology, and climate that results in truly exceptional mezcal. The natural yeast and wild fruit trees in the region interact with our agave mash, imparting sweet and savory notes that perfectly complement the roasted agave flavors.

Tomas Artesanal offers four expressions, each with its own unique characteristics.

  • Espadin and Tepeztate are crafted by hand in Santa Ana Del Rio, Oaxaca,
  • Raicilla is sourced from the Sierra Occidental of Jalisco.
  • Finally, the Reserva, a recipient of three gold medals, is a carefully crafted blend of joven espadin and añejo tequilana mezcals.