Collection: Tequila Cabal

Tequila Cabal is a brand with a 100-year ancestral legacy originating from the birthplace of tequila, Amatitan, Mexico. The brand is proud to offer a tequila that is uncompromised in every way, boasting a rich vegetal agave-forward taste profile from the nutrients of Los Valles. The agaves are harvested every 6-7 years with crop rotation after each harvest to ensure they receive the most nutrients possible.

The brand's Maestro Jimador, Eduardo S. Lara, guarantees consistency in the process and incisions. The soil is tended to in a daily ritual, ensuring its richness is as important as the tequila. Distilled over five tanks, twice over, and using only local and naturally sourced water, Tequila Cabal maintains its family's roots and ties with the Hernandez and Montes family through its proud history in 'charreria' and 'La Cabalgadura.'

Tequila Cabal understands that building something great takes time and dedication, so they live by the quote, "What you spend years building may be destroyed overnight. Build anyway." The brand is committed to quality and tradition, even in the face of potential risks. Customers can try Tequila Cabal and taste the difference of its 100-year legacy.

NOM 1480