Collection: NOM 1492 - Patrón Spirits Mexico, S.A. de C.V.

A Distillery of Distinction - Hacienda Patrón

Hacienda Patrón is a testament to the brand's unwavering commitment to quality. Since 2006, it has been the epicenter of Patrón's tequila production. This strategic move allowed the brand to exercise complete control over the tequila-making process, ensuring that every drop meets the highest standards of excellence.

Cultivating Quality from the Ground Up

The journey to crafting exceptional tequila begins with the Weber blue agave plants, the core ingredient of Patrón's renowned spirits. Unlike many others, Patrón takes meticulous care of these plants from infancy, ensuring they are free from chemicals and fertilizers when it's time for harvest.

By partnering with agave growers, predominantly family-owned farms, Patrón leverages generations of regional knowledge. The brand's agronomists work closely with these farmers, supporting them throughout the entire cultivation process, from planting to harvesting. This collaborative effort guarantees that only the finest agave plants make their way into Patrón's tequila production.

Environmental Stewardship in Distillation

Tequila production inevitably generates waste, but Patrón goes above and beyond legal requirements to minimize its environmental footprint. During distillation, thousands of gallons of potentially harmful stillage are produced. Patrón takes a proactive approach to address this by-product.

Reverse osmosis technology transforms 70% of the stillage into clean water, serving multiple purposes. It cools the condensers during distillation and nourishes the agave fields, completing a sustainable cycle. The remaining 30% is combined with used bagasse (agave fiber) to create a nutrient-rich organic compost, a resource generously shared with neighboring farmers to fertilize their agave fields.

Sustainable Packaging

Patrón's commitment to environmental responsibility extends to its packaging. The brand prioritizes using recycled materials, further reducing its ecological impact.

In conclusion, Patrón Spirits Mexico, S.A. de C.V. crafts exceptional tequila and is a shining example of a brand prioritizing quality and sustainability. Patrón consistently demonstrates its dedication to environmental and social responsibility, from nurturing agave plants to innovative waste management. This commitment ensures the finest tequila and helps build stronger, more sustainable communities in Mexico. Cheers to a brand that proves excellence and sustainability can go hand in hand.