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Siembra Valles Tequila Aniversario Joven 750ML

Siembra Valles Tequila Aniversario Joven 750ML

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Introducing Siembra Valles Aniversario: A Tribute to Tradition and Quality

Siembra Valles Aniversario presents a dazzling first-ever Joven blend, encapsulating the essence of traditional tequila production. With a limited release of a 2-month Reposado rested in both American & French Oak, blended with Blanco, this series exemplifies the utmost craftsmanship.

Annual Tribute to Excellence The Siembra Spirits Aniversario series celebrates the legacy of Salvador Rosales Briseño, the founder of Destileria Cascahuin. Each release marks distinction, showcasing outstanding examples of traditional production.

Production: A Symphony of Tradition 

  • Roasting: In the room-sized, wood-fired brick oven, agave is slow-cooked, enveloping it in incredible aromas. No diffusers or autoclaves are used, preserving the authenticity of the tequila.
  • Extraction: Hand-operated roller mills coax the fermentable sugars, finding a harmonious balance between tradition and technology.
  • Fermentation: Natural brick tanks maintain a yeast colony that ferments all Siembra Valles tequilas, adding deep agave flavor.
  • Distillation: Stainless steel with copper serpentines ensures that every drop touches copper, enhancing flavor without skyrocketing costs.
  • Aging: Siembra's barrels from the Ozarks in Missouri hold 200 liters and are medium-toasted, exploring the nuanced marriage of wood and agave.

Cultivation: Artistry in Agriculture The life of the spirit begins with the cultivation of 100% Agave Tequilana Weber Azul, known for its high sugar content and beautiful blueish spikes. With single estate sourcing, the unique terroir expression shines through.

People: The Heart of Tequila

  • Lead Jimador, Jose Romero: Leading a team of expert agave harvesters, Jose epitomizes hard work and dedication.
  • Master Distiller, Salvador Rosales Torres: As the patriarch of Destileria Cascahuín, Salvador oversees every aspect of production with mastery.

Traceability and Transparency Siembra Valles Aniversario prioritizes transparency, printing agave registration numbers to protect consumers and showcasing every process step. Different Jima types and planting and harvesting practices are chosen with care to deliver the best quality tequila.

Why Choose Siembra Valles Aniversario? Choosing Siembra Valles Aniversario embraces a tradition of excellence, a commitment to sustainability, and a pursuit of flavor that transcends the ordinary. This tequila is a delightful sensory experience and a statement of responsible enjoyment. Informed consumers can appreciate the rich heritage, taste, and profound human aspects that contribute to this unique product—a toast to tradition, quality, and the spirit of tequila with Siembra Valles Aniversario.

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What is the difference between Tequila & Mezcal?

Tequila is a type of mezcal, much like how scotch and bourbon are types of whiskey.

Tequila and mezcal are both types of agave-based spirits that are popular in Mexico, but there are some key differences between the two. Tequila is made exclusively from the blue agave plant, which is primarily grown in the area surrounding the city of Tequila, about 40 miles northwest of Guadalajara. Mezcal, on the other hand, can be made from any type of agave plant, and is often made using traditional, labor-intensive methods.

One of the most noticeable differences between tequila and mezcal is their flavor. Tequila is typically smooth and subtle, with hints of fruit and spices, while mezcal has a more complex, smoky flavor that comes from the roasting of the agave hearts before they are fermented and distilled.

Another difference between the two spirits is their production process. Tequila is typically made using modern industrial methods, while mezcal is often produced using traditional techniques that have been passed down for generations. This can give mezcal a more authentic, artisanal character.

In general, tequila is considered to be a more refined and sophisticated spirit, while mezcal is often viewed as a more rustic and traditional drink. Both are popular in Mexico and are enjoyed around the world, so the best way to decide which one you like is to try them both and see which one suits your tastes.

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