Collection: Luneta Agave Spirits

Luneta is a brand that offers a unique perspective on craft, tradition, and culture through agave spirits. Their expressions are made with various wild and semi-cultivated agaves in different states by master mezcal distillers, each with their elaboration techniques yielding individual flavor profiles. Luneta invites you on a liquid journey through Mexico, expanding your perception.

The brand believes that quality, not quantity, is worth striving for. They value individuality, the beauty of imperfection that comes with hand-made creations, and the people who bring unique perspectives to the world.

Luneta emphasizes craftsmanship and tradition, building personal relationships with all mezcaleros they purchase from. The mezcaleros they work with have a history of at least three generations crafting mezcal in their family, utilizing stills with 250 liters or less capacity. As a result, no two batches are ever the same.

Their appreciation for craft, quality, and individuality also carries into their packaging. They source handblown recycled glass for their 375 ml bottles from one of Mexico City's last independently owned glass shops, and just like each batch of mezcal, no two bottles are alike. They also minimize the use of plastic whenever possible, using recycled materials for their boxes and labels made by hand in Oaxaca from upcycled agave fibers.

To preserve the generations of craft and quality for centuries, they must conserve the plants that make Luneta's elixirs possible. They invite you to join them in agave conservation, contributing $I to their agave conservation fund for each bottle or tasting kit purchased.

Luneta offers agave spirits, which can be made with the same materials and elaboration techniques, and yield the same distillate as mezcal but are not registered with the Consejo Regulador del Mezcal (CRM). They consciously choose to offer agave spirits, eliminating prohibitively expensive fees for the family-owned distilleries they work with and reducing the red tape and paperwork.

Luneta was founded by Jed Wolf (Lobito) after he decided he needed a new perspective on life. Jed was marveled by the diversity in flavor profiles of the wild agave spirits he discovered in Mexico. This led him to visit distilleries and explore more about this unique nectar known as mezcal. The people and traditions behind this ancestral spirit pulled at Jed's heartstrings, and he wanted to dive deeper. Luneta is the next step on the journey to continue sharing the unique perspectives, stories, and flavors that come from these marvelous spirits.