Collection: Gusto Histórico Agave Spirits

Gusto Histórico showcases the historic taste and aromas of mezcales from the communities where they are produced using traditional distillation techniques.

Making its debut in the USA in early 2021, GUSTO HISTÓRICO is a brand that celebrates the essence of Mexico's traditional distillation methods. This exciting entrant highlights the craftsmanship of renowned Maestros Mezcaleros, who are well-recognized for their high-quality mezcales or "destilados de agave."

GUSTO HISTÓRICO, meaning "Historic Taste," is the latest initiative from Marco Ochoa, co-founder and former owner of Mezcaloteca. The philosophy behind GUSTO HISTÓRICO is simple yet profound - to encapsulate the historic flavors and aromas unique to mezcales, each deeply rooted in the local communities and distilled using time-honored techniques indigenous to these regions. The brand's destilados are primarily field blends, echoing tradition, with the occasional single agave production, such as Arroqueno, reserved for special batches or when identified as unique by the maestro.

At its inception, the mastermind maestros behind GUSTO HISTÓRICO are Victor Ramos and Emanuel Ramos, a respected father and son duo from Mengoli, Miahuatlan. Their destilados honor the traditional distillation methods passed down through generations, employing copper pot stills with refrescadera, resulting in a unique single-distilled spirit with two condensations in one pass.

GUSTO HISTÓRICO also showcases the talents of other esteemed maestros from Miahuatlan, such as Juan Vázquez, Juan García, and Eusebio Santos, and eventually expanding to feature destilados from other communities like Ejutla, guided by the expert hands of mezcaleros like Virgilio Velasco.

Under Marco Ochoa's visionary leadership, a pioneer in discovering and promoting small-batch rural productions, GUSTO HISTÓRICO is set to unfurl as an exciting journey into Mexico's rich distilling legacy, guaranteeing a remarkable and flavorful spectacle for all to enjoy.