Collection: 5 Sentidos Agave Spirits

5 Sentidos Agave Spirits is a renowned brand that originated as the in-house mezcal line at El Destilado, a highly regarded restaurant and mezcaleria in Oaxaca, Mexico. The brand's name, "Cinco Sentidos," meaning "five senses" in Spanish, reflects its commitment to creating mezcal experiences that engage all the senses.

The focus of 5 Sentidos Agave Spirits is on showcasing the diverse and traditional production methods employed by small-batch mezcal producers. These mezcaleros, or master distillers, craft exceptional agave spirits using a variety of agave species. By featuring uncertified agave spirits, the brand emphasizes the authenticity and unique character of each product.

Each expression of 5 Sentidos Agave Spirits represents a distinct region and highlights the customs, traditions, and history associated with the spirits and the people who produce them. The brand seeks out high-quality distillates that exemplify the various production processes, the rich diversity of agave species, and the talents of Mexico's master distillers of agave.

With a range that encompasses five regions and five expressions, 5 Sentidos offers a curated selection of small-scale production mezcal that embodies the complexity of flavors and the dedication to craftsmanship. It celebrates the cultural heritage of Mexico and honors the maestro mezcaleros who contribute their expertise to create these exceptional spirits.

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