Collection: Tinta Negra Tequila

Tinta Negra Tequila - made in small batches at a boutique, family-owned, and operated distillery, where things are done patiently and with attention to every detail, assuring a tequila experience above the rest.

  • START Made from 100% Blue Weber Agave, raised +5 years until maturity
  • HARVEST Hand-harvested and only from fields controlled by our distillery.
  • COOKING Slowly cooked for 36 hours in traditional brick ovens for a naturally sweet agave flavor.
  • AGING in French Oak barrels that once aged California red wines. This unique process results in a natural, ‘clean’ sweetness.
  • BOTTLING Filled and sealed by hand, with bottle and barrel numbers marked on every bottle to ensure perfection from the distillery to your door.

NOM 1477