Collection: Sotomayor Sotol

Sotomayor Sotol - "Sotomayor is a refined distillate that, like the fine sands of the desert, awakens the senses and lifts the spirit.”

Sotomayor is dedicated to extracting the liquid jewel of the desert: the sotol. Between the sand and a very extreme climate, the sotol plant gives us this distillate with a designation of origin.

Sotomayor is specialized in its extraction and the production of 3 artisan varieties, with authentic recipes and the heart of Mexico. Get to know our family of distillates, made by the hand of our sotolero master Gerardo Ruelas: Exceptional, Special, and Essential Sotomayor.

Sotomayor is a Mexican brand of Sotol from Chihuahua, Mexico. It was founded in 2013 under the inspiration of the great traditions and history of the desert.