Collection: NOM 1477

NOM 1477 - Tequilera Puerta de Hierro (Leticia Hermosillo Ravelero). Satisfy the most demanding palates with ultra premium tequilas.

Mr. Gildardo Partida Melendrez comes from a agavera family of three generations dedicated to the production of tequila. The results of his experience are found in Cia Tequilera Puerta de Hierro, S. A de C. V., with a monthly production of 90,000 liters of tequila at 55% Alc. Vol.

Tequilera Puerta de Hierro is located only 27 miles from the city of Tequila, the cradle of this Mexican drink, in the city of El Arenal, Jalisco, at kilometer 32 on the International Highway Guadalajara-Nogales.

They produce tequila (mixto) and tequila 100% blue agave, both made with the highest standards of quality and always under the supervision of the council regulator of the tequila (CRT) .