Collection: Mezcal Mal de Amor

Mal de Amor- This spirit draws inspiration from heartbreak, but a quality mezcal can heal a broken heart regardless of the cause.

The Mal de Amor distillery is owned and run by the Hernandez family and is located in Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca, Mexico. All of the mezcals are joven, unaged expressions and have spent no time in oak.

The Hernández brothers, who grew up surrounded by agaves, mezcal, and traditional Oaxacan culture, returned to Santiago Matatlán to establish Palenque Mal de Amor, where they make mezcal from various agaves and contribute to local development. This allows others to stay in the region and not have to migrate as they once did.

The Hernandez family uses agave sourced from various regions of Oaxaca to create a diverse range of expressions while preserving the agave's sustainability for future generations.

The distillery is led by Armando Hernandez, a 3rd generation Maestro Mezcalero who learned the craft from his father and grandfather. The Hernandez family, native Zapotec people, also run a traditional Oaxacan restaurant on the main road departing Oaxaca Centro.

Mal de Amor is known for being a sustainable and responsible brand.