Collection: Mezcal Ánimas

Mezcal Ánimas is a unique brand that offers a handcrafted mezcal produced by master artisans using 100% agave. The brand takes pride in its commitment to preserving the traditional methods of mezcal production and the rich cultural heritage associated with it.

At the heart of Mezcal Ánimas is a deep reverence for Mayahuel, the female deity of maguey, which is evoked through a ritualistic offering by the master mezcalero. This offering is intended to summon the spirit of Mayahuel and create a connection with the mystical world.

The agave plants used in Mezcal Ánimas are carefully chosen, allowing them to mature fully before being extracted from the earth. By cutting the penca of the maguey leaves, only the agave heart is used, capturing the essence of the flavors developed through years of natural nourishment.

Mezcal Ánimas aims to introduce and accompany individuals who are eager to explore and engage with the world of mezcal. The brand's versatility and craftsmanship provide a platform for constant learning and discovery, enabling consumers to embark on a journey of exploration into the intriguing realm of mezcal.

Overall, Mezcal Ánimas is a brand that blends tradition, spirituality, and artisanal expertise to produce a mezcal that embodies the essence of the agave plant and invites consumers to experience the mystique and beauty of this sacred beverage.