Collection: Maestro Dobel Tequila

Maestro Dobel Tequila - Dobel is the namesake of 11th-generation tequila producer Juan Domingo Beckmann Legorreta. Dobel Tequila is his legacy, so he oversees every step of its production.

The Maestro Dobel brand was established in 2008 by the Jose Cuervo family in tribute to Juan Domingo Beckmann Legorreta (the name "DOBEL" combines the first letters of his last three names). Juan was the 11th-generation leader of the renowned Jose Cuervo brand. They put their mark on the world by creating the world's first cristalino tequila

The Jose Cuervo family is the largest name in the tequila industry, having started producing mezcal in 1795 and tequila commercially in 1880. In 1966, the company was owned by Juan Beckmann Gallardo, and in 1989, 45% of the business was sold to a distributor, later acquired by Diageo. However, talks between Diageo and the Beckmann family to acquire the remaining shares fell through in 2012, leading the family to establish their own distribution company, Proximo Spirits, to manage the entire production process of Jose Cuervo tequila.