Collection: Hornitos Tequila

Experience the Bold Spirit: Hornitos® Tequila

Unleashing the Essence of Mexico

Dive into the heart of Jalisco, Mexico, with Hornitos® Tequila, a spirit that captures the vibrant essence of its homeland. Crafted with passion and dedication, each bottle of Hornitos® is a tribute to Mexican Independence Day, encapsulating the fiery spirit of freedom. Immerse yourself in a tequila experience that's more than just a drink—a journey through the rich Mexican culture infused with the legacy of Don Francisco, our fearless founder.

A Revolutionary Taste

Savor the innovation in every sip of Hornitos® Tequila. Born from the daring vision of Don Francisco, this tequila revolutionized the industry by introducing the Reposado category. The agave cooking process, perfected over decades, creates a smooth, rich flavor that sets Hornitos® apart. Whether you're a tequila enthusiast or a curious newcomer, Hornitos® offers a taste that's not just unique but historically significant.

Breaking Traditions, Setting Standards

Hornitos® Tequila isn't just a brand; it's a symbol of rebellion against the ordinary. Standing up to the Mexican government, our founder set new benchmarks for tequila quality. Each bottle of Hornitos® is a celebration of that bold stance—a stance that ensures every glass is filled with uncompromising quality and a taste that challenges the status quo.

NOM 1102