Collection: BOSSCAL Mezcal

BOSSCAL Mezcal is a family-owned and operated enterprise that launched its first mezcal into the market in 2015. Bosscal runs its own distillery located in Durango, Mexico, and operates under the legitimacy of a NOM certification (Durango, MX; NOM-D248G). Presently, there are three varieties of Bosscal Mezcals available – Joven Mezcal, Pechuga de Conejo Mezcal, and Damiana Mezcal. The guiding philosophy of Bosscal is embodied in the phrase "Mountain to Market."

"Mountain to Market" encapsulates the brand's unwavering commitment to traditional and artisanal distillation practices. The agave used in Bosscal Mezcal is wild-grown and free of pesticides. Each plant is hand-selected at maturity, and the harvesting process is meticulously planned to prioritize preservation. This conscientious approach guarantees the sustainability of each harvest and minimizes the environmental impact, thereby truly honoring the "Mountain to Market" ethos.

BOSSCAL Mezcal stands as a testament to traditional distillation practices and a reverence for the environment. Through the judicious selection of wild-grown agave and a dedication to sustainable practices, Bosscal offers a range of mezcals that are a true celebration of Mexico's rich cultural heritage and the natural splendor of its landscapes. Drink in the spirit of the mountain and savor the flavors of meticulous craftsmanship with every sip.