Collection: Bonete Raicilla

Bonete Raicilla is an extraordinary, traditional spirit that embodies a passionate commitment to preserving cultural heritage. At the heart of the distillation process lies a distinctive element, a rare and exotic tree trunk known as Bonete (Jacaratia Mexicana), which can only be found along the Pacific coast of Mexico.

The use of this singular tree trunk during the distillation process imparts a unique flavor profile that remains unmatched by modern, high-efficiency stills. Even though the yield from a Bonete still is low and its lifespan short, proud producers in Jalisco persist in this age-old technique, viewing it as essential to preserving their cultural legacy.

Master distiller Joaquin Solis crafts a truly remarkable Raicilla using Bonete. The Bonete tree is a slender, tropical species that matures over six months, bearing a fruit relished by jungle fauna such as bats. This uncommon and exotic spirit is exclusively available in the United States, representing an authentic slice of Mexico's rich cultural heritage.

Bonete Raicilla is more than just a spirit – it's a tribute to ancient distillation techniques, a celebration of cultural history, and a testament to the dedication of Jalisco's producers. Every sip is a journey, offering a unique taste of Mexico's traditions and a connection to its vibrant past. Experience the unparalleled flavor of Bonete Raicilla, and immerse yourself in the essence of Mexico.