Collection: Black Sheep Tequila

Black Sheep Tequila is a game-changing luxury spirit brand committed to providing both new and experienced tequila drinkers with an unparalleled tasting experience. Offering six distinguished styles of tequila, including the coveted 15 and 7-Year Extra Añejo, Añejo, Reposado, and Blanco, the Black Sheep Tequila offers a palette for every preference.

Black Sheep Tequila has won several awards, including:

  • San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SFWSC): Black Sheep Tequila was named the best tequila in the world and the best of class in 2022. It also won double gold for its Añejo and silver for its Blanco, Reposado, and Extra Añejo.
  • Bartender Spirits Awards: Black Sheep Tequila's Reposado won a silver medal in 2021.

The SFWSC is the largest blind-tasting event in the world and has been judging spirits for over 20 years.

As proprietors of a sprawling Single Estate agave farm and an upscaling Los Altos distillery, Black Sheep Tequila prides itself on a distinctive farm-to-bottle model. This comprehensive approach allows for meticulous quality control and consistency in every drop of their tequila, setting new benchmarks in the industry.

For the novice, Black Sheep Tequila offers a trusted entry point into tequila. But even the seasoned connoisseur will be pleasantly surprised by our tequila's unique, category-defying style, shaped by a blend of old-world techniques and cutting-edge innovations.

Black Sheep's unique taste profile comes from the slow fermentation of the finest selected, slow-baked juice from 100% aged Blue Weber highland agave. The special filtration process that follows further enhances the natural, robust flavors of the agave.

What truly sets Black Sheep Tequila apart is its commitment to handcrafting and organic practices, breathing fresh life into the premium category. Far removed from the raucous associations of party shots, Black Sheep Tequila is transforming the perception of this spirit into an elegant, affluent beverage of choice.

Embodying the spirit of its namesake, Black Sheep Tequila is not afraid to challenge the status quo. It takes pride in going against the grain, spreading awareness about the true essence of tequila, and offering a superior, tastefully crafted product that not only pleases the palate but also elevates the overall drinking experience. This is the Black Sheep promise – to deliver the exceptional, one bottle at a time. 

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