Collection: Alipus Mezcal

Alipus Mezcal - Lovingly selected premium artisanal mezcals hand-distilled in family distilleries in rural pueblos in Oaxaca, southwest Mexico.

Craft Distillers and Grupo Los Danzantes have collaborated since 2004 to introduce the US market to artisanal mezcals. These two organizations share a deep commitment to preserving age-old artisanal methods and ensuring the livelihood of traditional mezcal production in the face of modernization.

Craft Distillers and Grupo Los Danzantes have brought Alipús mezcals to the market. By doing so, they provide support for a way of working and a way of life that are at risk of disappearing due to rapid societal changes. In addition, they focus on maintaining the authenticity and integrity of the traditional mezcal production process.

Alipús mezcals are sourced from family distilleries located in remote pueblos in Oaxaca, Southwest Mexico. These pueblos can only be accessed via dirt roads, emphasizing their secluded nature. The small artisanal distilleries in these communities preserve the centuries-old mezcal production methods in their uncorrupted form.

The family distilleries operate in a highly traditional manner, often lacking modern equipment. Some still use stone mills and hand-crush roasted agaves with long-handled wooden mallets in canoes, which are hollowed-out logs. Others employ clay pot stills for distillation. This labor-intensive and slow process is deeply intertwined with the agave itself, the pueblo where the mezcal is produced, and the local and regional techniques passed down through generations.

Destilería Los Danzantes, an artisanal distillery located in Santiago Matatlan, south of Oaxaca City, is responsible for bottling Alipús mezcals. This distillery is committed to craftsmanship and traditional methods that define the Alipús brand.

Overall, Alipús represents a selection of premium artisanal mezcals hand-distilled with care and passion in rural Oaxacan pueblos. The brand's dedication to preserving the rich heritage of mezcal production shines through in every bottle.