Collection: Wild Barrel Brewing

Award-Winning Excellence: Wild Barrel's Brewing Mastery

Discover the exceptional craftsmanship of Wild Barrel, a standout brewery in San Diego known for its innovative and diverse beer selections. With an impressive lineup including the “Vice” series of fruited kettle sours, “West Coast” and “Hazy Juicy” IPAs, indulgent Pastry Stouts, and crisp Lagers, Wild Barrel is a testament to brewing excellence. Recognized as one of the top new breweries and holding an impressive 4.0 Untappd rating, every sip of their beer is a taste of award-winning quality.

A Symphony of Flavors: The Vice Series and Beyond

Wild Barrel's “Vice” series showcases their expertise in crafting fruited kettle sours. Each beer in this series is a unique blend of bold, fruity flavors and balanced sour notes, offering an unrivaled taste experience. Their IPAs, ranging from classic West Coast styles to modern Hazy Juicys, are a hop lover's dream, while their Pastry Stouts and Lagers cater to a wide array of palates, ensuring there's a perfect beer for every enthusiast.

A Commitment to Quality and Innovation

At Wild Barrel, quality and innovation are at the forefront. With over 325 distinctive beers brewed, their commitment to using the best ingredients and focusing on the customer experience is unwavering. This dedication has earned them consecutive Gold Medals at The Great American Beer Festival and a reputation as one of North America's breweries to watch.