Collection: Volans Ultra Premium Tequila

Volans Ultra Premium Tequila - Named after the constellation of the flying fish, Volans is bringing the best-tasting craft sipping tequila to spirit lovers like yourself who enjoy a more refined taste, so sit back, relax and sip slowly while enjoying this special tequila.

Only the most mature and sweetest Blue Weber Agave is used, along with a blend of spring, rain, and deep well water. The Agaves are cooked in a traditional stone oven for 22 hours and crushed using an innovative handmade tahona named "Frankenstein." Copper pot stills are used for both distillations.

The Volans ultra-premium Blanco tequila is unaged, while the Volans ultra-premium single barrel reposado is aged for under a year, and the extra añejo is aged for three and a half years in used American oak bourbon casks.

The tequila is verified to be 100% additive free with no added flavors, colors, aromas, or chemicals.

NOM 1579