Collection: Torus Tequila

Torus Tequila is a brand that takes great pride in its Mexican heritage and traditions. The company is committed to producing some of the best tequilas in the world by employing rigorous processes that result in ultra-premium quality products. The brand is also committed to preserving the environment and excelling in all its endeavors.

At the helm of the company is Master Tequilera Mtra. Paola Basseliz is a young visionary and entrepreneur passionate about her work and Mexico's roots. She has been certified as a tequila master and has gained international recognition for her products sold in Russia and Europe.

The brand's objective is to ensure that the name of Mexico is held in high regard due to the quality and experience of its products. Furthermore, Torus Tequila aims to provide an integrated experience to its consumers, where all senses are engaged, and the continuous triumphs of the brand become a part of Mexican heritage.

NOM 1479