Collection: Tequila Señor Artesano

Tequila Señor Artesano is a premium tequila brand that was created with a passion for producing high-quality tequila. The brand story is rooted in the rich history and culture of tequila-making in Mexico.

The founder of Tequila Señor Artesano, Don Rafael, grew up in the town of Tequila in the Jalisco region of Mexico. He was raised by his grandparents, who were skilled tequila makers and instilled in him a love and respect for the craft. Don Rafael learned the traditional methods of tequila production, from the cultivation of the blue agave plant to the distillation process.

After many years of honing his skills and perfecting his recipe, Don Rafael decided to create his own brand of tequila. He wanted to share his passion for tequila with the world and bring the flavors and traditions of Mexico to a global audience.

Don Rafael's vision was to create a premium tequila that was handcrafted using only the finest ingredients and traditional methods. He named his brand Tequila Señor Artesano, which translates to "Master Craftsman Tequila."

Tequila Señor Artesano is made using 100% blue agave grown in the rich volcanic soil of Jalisco. The agave is hand-selected and roasted in traditional brick ovens to bring out the rich, complex flavors. The tequila is then double-distilled in copper pot stills and aged in oak barrels to achieve the perfect balance of flavor and smoothness.

The result is a premium tequila that is rich and complex, with notes of vanilla, caramel, and spice. Tequila Señor Artesano is perfect for sipping straight or mixing into your favorite cocktail.

NOM 1588

Tequila Señor Artesano is not just a brand, it is a celebration of the rich history and culture of tequila-making in Mexico. Don Rafael's passion for tequila and commitment to traditional methods is evident in every bottle of Tequila Señor Artesano.