Collection: Tequila Chamucos

In 1992, an idea was born from a bond between two friends – the Oscar-nominated Mexican filmmaker Antonio Urrutia and artisanal glass bottle craftsman Cesar Hernandez. Tequila Chamucos emerged from their shared passion and was further fueled by the interest of US Importer Mark Howard, who was captivated by a unique bottle during a visit to Cesar’s glass atelier.

Originally, Chamucos Tequila graced the world solely as a Reposado. The exquisite blend and formula were a collective effort, with the expertise and guidance of the esteemed Master Distiller, Ing. Hector Davalos, steering the group.

More than just a drink, Tequila Chamucos encapsulates the spirit of collaboration and the marriage of art, cinema, and the rich heritage of tequila-making.  

NOM 1586