Collection: Tequila Carrera

Welcome to Tequila Carrera, where a rich legacy of tequila mastery spanning five generations is brought to life by Lalo Camarena and his father. The story of Tequila Carrera begins with the esteemed Camarena Family, trailblazers who played a pivotal role in establishing Arandas, Jalisco, tracing back to 1761. Renowned as "Arandas la Tierra del Tequila," this historic town holds a special place in the heart of Tequila Carrera.

Tequila Carrera stands firmly rooted in the origins of tequila itself, embodying a profound passion, artistic craftsmanship, and time-honored traditions passed down through generations. Each bottle of Tequila Carrera is meticulously handcrafted in Arandas, paying tribute to the centuries-old techniques and refined traditions that shape its character.

With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Tequila Carrera carefully selects and cultivates the finest agave plants, ensuring that only the highest quality ingredients are used in production. Every step reflects the values and expertise ingrained in the Camarena Family lineage.

Experience the true essence of Tequila Carrera as you indulge in its rich flavors, intricate craftsmanship, and timeless traditions. Join us on a journey that celebrates our family's enduring legacy and the indomitable spirit of tequila. Raise your glass and toast to the extraordinary artistry and unwavering dedication that define Tequila Carrera. Salud!

NOM 1465