Collection: Tequila Campo Azul

Campo Azul is a distinguished tequila brand from Mexico, known for its exceptional craftsmanship and dedication to quality. Produced in Jesus Maria, a town in the Highlands of Jalisco, Campo Azul tequila captures the essence of its rich agave-growing region.

The tequila is meticulously crafted using 100% Weber Blue Agave plants sourced exclusively from Campo Azul's plantations. This commitment to using their agave ensures the highest standards of quality and authenticity in every bottle.

Campo Azul tequila boasts a distinct fruity character and bright tones that permeate its aroma and flavor. Each sip reveals a delightful blend of flavors that tantalize the palate, leaving a lasting impression of quality and craftsmanship.

One of the standout expressions from Campo Azul is the Extra Añejo, which undergoes extra aging. This aging process imparts exquisite spice and nut flavors, further enhancing the complexity of the tequila.

The brand offers a range of varieties to cater to different preferences, including Blanco, Selecto Añejo, and Selecto Reposado. Each variety is crafted with precision, showcasing the artistry and expertise of the brand.

Ricardo Lopez and Jorge Hernandez created Campo Azul, individuals with over 40 years of experience as blue agave producers. Their dedication to their craft led them to establish the Casa Campo Azul distillery in 1996 under the umbrella of Productos Finos de Agave.   

Today, the legacy of Campo Azul continues under the guidance of the third generation of the family. They uphold the traditions of agave cultivation, ensuring the consistent quality of their tequila by maintaining their agave plantations.

Tequila Campo Azul tells a story that began with the first generation of agave producers in Casa Campo Azul in the 1960s. Their unwavering commitment to growing agave in Jesus Maria, Jalisco, laid the foundation for the brand's success. Now, the legacy lives on through the dedication and expertise of the third-generation family members, who carry forward the traditions and quality that define Campo Azul tequila.

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