Collection: Sotol 1709

Sotol 1709 Chihuahua - 100% Handcrafted Premium Sotol, Introducing one of Chihuahua's Jewels and proudly using the official year of its foundation.

Sotol isn’t just a drink; it’s an experience that goes above what tequila can offer. Its uniqueness arises from a meticulous and historical fermentation process.

When you drink Sotol 1709, one word should come to mind, Handcrafted. 

The piñas are placed into pits dug into Chihuahuan ground and floored with volcanic rocks and local firewood. After 72 hours, the piñas are diced with hand axes and transferred to oak tubs, where they ferment for three days before finally being double distilled.

No shortcuts are taken. This ensures that Sotol 1709 is instilled with the spirit responsible for Sotol’s historical popularity.