Collection: Milagro Tequila

NOM 1559 - Tequilera Milagro, S.A. de C.V.

Milagro Tequila was established in 1998 by a pair of adventurous college friends who dared to create a tequila that embodied the dynamic, colorful, and artistic spirit of Mexico City. To bring their vision to fruition, they enlisted the help of Pedro Juarez, one of Mexico's most esteemed Master Distillers. For Pedro, crafting a contemporary tequila meant embracing tradition, starting with the agave.

Meet Our Master Distiller

Pedro Juarez is one of Mexico's most renowned Master Distillers, boasting a 35-year career as a true expert in tequila production. After years of working under the constraints of cost efficiencies at large multinational tequila companies, Pedro could finally unleash his artistry and create his magnum opus. This 100% blue tequila epitomizes the freshest agave taste and exceptional smoothness.

Starting with the Finest Ingredients

Milagro begins by selecting the highest-quality ingredients to create the best possible end product. The blue agave used in Milagro is cultivated in the Jalisco highlands (Altos de Jalisco), where the world's sweetest and finest blue agave is grown. These highlands boast red, mineral-rich soil, abundant sunshine, and crisp mountain nights, allowing the agave plants to grow large and rich in sweet sugars. Milagro's agave is traditionally harvested by jimadors at the height of ripeness, ensuring an enhanced flavor of terroir (taste and sense of place).

Made the Milagro Way

Milagro's production process is specifically designed to emphasize the bright, fresh flavor of the agave. By incorporating century-old methods of cooking agave, Milagro slow-roasts a portion of the agave piñas for an average of 36 hours using traditional brick ovens, drawing out the agave's naturally vibrant freshness and flavors.

Once the agave piñas are roasted, they are shredded and pressed to extract the sweet agave juice. This juice is then fermented into alcohol in stainless steel tanks for 72 hours, longer than most tequilas, allowing for further development of flavors and aromas. Combining science and art, the on-site team carefully monitors the fermentation process.

Innovative Distilling

Milagro is double distilled using two different types of stills: pot and column, unlike most tequila companies that use only one still type. The first distillation occurs in a traditional pot still, capturing the fresh, lively flavors of the agave plant. Unfortunately, the liquid still has rough edges at this stage, contributing to the harshness commonly associated with some tequilas.

The second distillation employs a column still to "polish" the liquid by isolating the finest liquid cut, showcasing the flavors and resulting in Milagro's remarkable smoothness.