Collection: NOM 1468

NOM 1468 - Grupo Tequilero Mexico, S.A. de C.V.

Our Quality

Traditionally, we have sought good production practices and safety; we take our Agave plants very seriously. Therefore we treat our plantations only with agrochemicals and environmentally friendly and sustainable pesticides.

We go beyond what is established in the NOM; we analyze our products to ensure that they do not contain residual pesticides or heavy metals, among others.

At Grupo Tequilero México, we are committed to promoting the quality of life of our employees, participating actively and positively with our community, preserving the environment, and fostering ethical relationships with our stakeholders. Grupo Tequilero México promotes good manufacturing, commercial, labor, administrative, fiscal, and environmental practices.

In addition, Tequila Group Mexico participates in the generation of wealth and contribution of financial resources that make it possible to strengthen the common welfare of our country.