Collection: NOM 1426

NOM 1426 - Agaveros Unidos de Amatitan, S.A. de C.V. ("Rancho Miravalle")

Sitting prominently on the slopes of Volcán de Tequila is Sandovales, a historic hacienda built in 1821 that has housed prominent Mexican families for generations. As Agaveros Unidos de Amatitán acquired land for the Rancho Miravalle farm, Sandovales became a centerpiece for the family. Over time, the fertile landscape that laid claim to the only visible structure in the area became the subject of numerous legends and considerable local lore.

A family affair for more than 75 years, Azuñia Tequilas first took shape when Enrique Zepeda, one of the “Godfathers” of crafting tequila, worked on a family agave farm and joined forces with another prominent local farmer, Salvador Rivera Lizardi.

Nowadays, Agaveros Unidos de Amatitán and the Rancho Miravalle distillery remain in the Zepeda and Lizardi families, ensuring consistent operations and the same product quality you’ve come to rely on throughout the years. So, next time you kick back with your favorite Azuñia tequila sipper or cocktail, take a moment to reflect on your roots or raise a glass to your own family!

Taste the Difference

Unlike most distillers, Azuñia produces its tequila after following a natural, open-air fermentation process that can take as long as a week to complete. Double-distilled and extracted at 46% ABV, the product ultimately clocks in at 40% ABV after adding a pure, on-property water source. Azuñia’s tequila then makes its way to bottles for Blanco blends or barrels for Reposado or Anejo varieties before it ultimately hits your glass.

Still, we’re confident you’ll find it well worth the wait once it's there.