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NOM 1107 - Tequila el Viejito, S.A. de C.V..

El Viejito is a family business founded by Don Indalecio Núñez Muro, primarily dedicated to tequila production since 1937. Committed to the environment and social responsibility, the company has been continuously exporting since 1964, with the third generation at the helm. El Viejito is the first tequila from Atotonilco and is a proudly 100% Mexican company.

Ornament THEIR MISSION IS To work to satisfy the diverse needs of their clients with high-quality products, appropriate design, fair pricing, and excellent service.

PHILOSOPHY El Viejito believes that to offer quality, it is necessary to operate with quality. This belief is based on the fact that quality does not cost, considering that what is costly are mistakes, which are paid for with the company's earnings or profit margins.

For this reason, they consider human resources to be the most important, as the effectiveness and efficiency of other resources depend on the capacity and performance of their staff.

VISION El Viejito aims to grow sustainably, achieving greater participation in the national and international tequila, alcoholic beverages, and general beverages market.

The company aspires to have resources to fulfill its obligations and be able to invest in the development of its staff, in the development of new products, in market research, and in science and technologies that optimize and automate their processes in a manner compatible with all applicable standards.

El Viejito strives to be a company that responds to its employees, customers, suppliers, and society in general, generating fairly remunerated employment and programs that contribute to solving society's problems, such as insecurity, pollution, and lack of education.

They aim to be a different company based on the principle of respect for oneself and others, in which everyone seeks the benefit of everyone while seeking their benefit. In this company, it is hoped that people will freely and voluntarily discover that the results are the multiplication of their efforts and those of others to generate significant human and economic benefits.

El Viejito envisions a company where they can ALWAYS be HAPPY!