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Collection: Mina Real Mezcal

Mina Real Mezcal - Mina Real Mezcal is made at Destileria Real de Minas in Santa Catarina Minas, Oaxaca. This is the same distillery that makes Mezcal Don Amado. While Don Amado has several releases made with various agave, Mina Real is made solely with agave Espadin.

Mina Real is an ecologically sustainable mezcal made with maguey, slowly cooked in a brick kiln without firewood consumption. Our cooking method highlights the plants' bright floral bouquet without burning an industry average of 3.5 lbs of firewood per liter produced.

Utilizing modern and historical techniques, the maguey honeys for Mina Real are fermented intact with their crushed maguey piña fibers, followed by a double distillation in pot stills for pronounced earthiness and character.